Tropicana Orange Juice Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Although Tropicana Orange Juice is labeled “Pure Premium” and “100% Orange Juice,” these products actually contain artificial flavors, so are not “100% Orange Juice” at all. Tropicana Orange Juice is thus not “Pure Premium,” since Tropicana uses artificial and synthetic ingredients to flavor their products. Accordingly, we believe it is false and misleading to label these products as “100% Orange Juice” or “Pure Premium.”

We are looking for one or more misled purchasers to volunteer for a class action lawsuit against the makers of Tropicana Beverage Products. If you have purchased Tropicana Products from any vendor, or through because you believed them to be natural, we would would like to hear from you! We’ll tell you more about our investigation and what volunteering involves (no commitment!).

Please email us at: [email protected]

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